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Healthy Food, Fresh Ingredients Until 3pm

Garden Hash $13.95

Finely sliced mushrooms, onions, black beans, spinach, corn, peppers, & jalapeños on a bed of hashbrowns. Includes toast.

  • Add tofu scramble & pesto $2.95
  • Add two eggs & house made hollandaise $3.95

The Pork Hash $16.95

Slow-braised pork butt, sautéed fennel, apples, mixed peppers, two poached eggs, & hollandaise on a bed of hashbrowns. Includes toast.

Grilled Chicken Hash $18.95

Grilled chicken, red onion, mixed peppers, mushrooms, two poached eggs, & hollandaise on a bed of hashbrowns.  Includes toast.

The Pastrami Hash $18.95

Pastrami, red onion, mixed peppers, corn, jalapenos, two poached eggs, & hollandaise on a bed of hashbrowns. Includes toast.

The Usual $14.95

Two eggs, hash browns, & toast served with your choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or avocado.

Eggs Benny

Two poached eggs & hollandaise, hash on an english muffin. 

  •  Bacon, spinach, tomato, & avocado $16.95
  •  Smoked salmon & crispy capers  $15.95
  •  Traditional with ham $14.95 
  •  Mushroom, spinach, & feta  $15.35


Smashed Avocado on Toast $12.95

Roasted tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil with fresh parmesan or feta

  •  Add two poached eggs & house made hollandaise $3.95
  •  Smoked Salmon $5.95

House Made Buttermilk Pancake

  •  Icing sugar, real maple syrup & whipped cream $8.45
  •  Caramelized apples, pecans & whipped cream $10.95 

Oatmeal & Friends $7.95

Pick from  raisins, cranberries, pumpkin, or sunflower seeds

Choice of oat, soy, almond or cow’s milk.

Add caramelized apples & pecans  $2.95

French Toast

  •  Icing sugar, real maple syrup & whipped cream $9.45
  •  Caramelized apples, pecans & whipped cream $12.45 

Breakfast Wrap $14.95

Two scrambled eggs & three fillings of your choice in a sun-dried tomato wrap with house made salsa & hashbrowns.

Three Egg Omelette $15.95

Made with three fillings of your choice, toast, & hashbrowns.

Fillings & Toppings

Substitute gluten-free bread  $1.50

 • Bacon Ham • Eggs Sausage  Avocado

• Prawns Smoked salmon  $2.95 

Peppers • Mushrooms •  Spinach 

 • Cheese  Black beans  $1.95

Onion • Tomato • Corn • Jalapeno  ¢95


Shares & Sides

Eat Well, Live Well
From 11am

Red Pepper Hummus | $8.75Kalamata olives, balsamic drizzle, and grilled pita.

Prohibition Poutine | $11.95Fries, shredded cheese and Prohibition gravy.

House made Soup$7.45/$9.45

Kale Caesar Salad | $8.50


Fresh and Healthy
From 11am

Add smoked salmon, grilled chicken, prawns $5.95
tofu for $3.95

The Healthy Chief | $14.50Seasonal leaves, julienne veg, nuts, seeds, avocado and feta.

Kale Caesar | $12.95Crisp Kale leaves, crunchy croutons, shaved parmesan and crispy bacon tossed in our homemade dressing.

Crabapple Buddha | $14.50Quinoa with roasted seasonal vegetables and Buddha (cumin, miso, ginger, chilli & lime) dressing.


Farm Fresh
From 11am

All sandwiches served with house made soup, tossed salad, or fries.
Substitute yam fries or kale caesar salad for $2.00

Substitute prohibition poutine for $3.50

Quinoa Buddha Wrap | $16.95Quinoa with roasted seasonal vegetables and Buddha (Cumin, Chilli & Lime) dressing.

Reuben | $15.95Pastrami, sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese & Russian dressing grilled on marbled rye bread.

Portobello Burger | $16.95Grilled Portobello loaded with red pepper hummus, onion, tomato and seasonal leaves.

⅓ lb. Burger | $17.95Our in house made burger with 100% Blue Goose Beef loaded with white aged cheddar cheese, bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, mango chutney, tomato and red onion.

Chicken Club Burger | $18.95Grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, red onion, mayo, seasonal leaves, swiss cheese and avocado.

Kids Menu

12yrs & Under

Any Burger no toppings | $10.95

Grilled Cheese | $9.20

Veggie Slices with Hummus | $7.95

French Toast | $6

Eggs Benny | $7

Smashed Avocado | $7

Pancake | $4

The Usual | $8